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Vent 2

Discovered the advice given by the course examiners about my assignment conflicts with the rubric. Back to square 1. I am running out of time to get everything done before my internship. I am freaking out. Not to mention regular life stuff like that giant laundry mountain I need to deal with and the fact I need to buy food. Ugh. I feel so panicky. I cannot relax for the life of me! Argh!

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I need to vent about this awful assignment. I have to somehow make a portfolio about how good of a future teacher I’ll be. I have lots of great examples but I can’t use them. Why? Well, there are seven standards that I have to discuss and my examples need to be used several times among those standards. I also need supporting evidence for each example used.

I have a great example of student behaviour etc but it’s anecdotal. I was taking a small group during my mentor’s lesson so I have no lesson plan or anything to use as evidence. I might have a comment from her about student relationships or something… Ugh.

I already know I want to use some from-my-job examples to show how I can communicate with parents and use observations, follow legal requirements etc.

I don’t really want to trawl through every assignment but it looks like I’ll have to. I feel like I’ll have to choose between an example that shows me as a teacher and one that can be used across multiple standards. Oh I didn’t mention that the examples used need to show: (1) what you did exactly and (2) what happened. Tall order.

Not to mention I was just getting excited because I had done 1/7 standards. Nope. START OVER.

Can I give up and just do shift work/travel forever?

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