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Went for another walk with R. and it was super cold. The weatherman said it would get nippy and he was serious about the nose-biting wind.Hello winter - mama’s missed you!By the way, I still got sunburned. Figures.

We were gas-bagging and walking like nobody’s business and then we see K-Mart. From where we started that was a pretty big deal - we walked a really long way. So we decided to make a meal out of it and do a big loop back to our starting point incorporating a slight but ragged breath inducing slope.

Oh yeah.

Total distance? 7km in roughly an hour.

Not a bad pace for two chitchatting leisurely strolling gurlfriends.


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Mission Babe - reopened.

A few months ago now a few girls at work made a pact to invest in themselves and really work hard towards losing weight, improving body tone or whatever they desired most. For the most part the girls are going well - I fell off the band wagon and I’m ready to start up again.

For those playing at home:

  • What do you personally want to achieve?

I want to get rid of this spare tyre, slim down my thighs and fit back into my favourite dress that’s languishing in my closet because the zip doesn’t zip.

  • What are your game rules? (Pick 2-3)

My friend E, the mastermind behind Mission Babe, had a serious junk food habit that she wanted to kick so she made “No junkfood” a game rule. The whole point, she said, was to identify your weaknesses and take each day at a time.

Exercise for 20 minutes a day, every day whether it be a class, free weights, a walk, sun salutations or a swim. Do something.

Aim to actually cook something for myself around mid-morning.

No pasta.

I know I can easily find 20 minutes to do a little bit of exercise. I have trouble eating during the day as I tend to graze but that leads me to devouring half packets of anything that I don’t have to cook. Not good. I have a serious pasta habit that I really need to kick.

  • How are you going to do it?

I will combine my gym visits with errands and work shifts. Tomorrow I need to get petrol and pop into work so I’ll be visiting the gym on my way home. Once I relocate units (long story) I’ll be buying a set of scales and perhaps a slow-cooker. I’m really into salads right now. I think I need to follow some healthy eating blogs for inspiration.

The point of this laborious post is that Mission Babe is reopened and I’m super keen.

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